Timeless Pieces

We all want to look good – right? But, we don’t need to kill the planet or drown ourselves in looking good.

I have made a list of 10 timeless items which I think a fashionista needs to invest in. Spend a little more in the long run, not only look amazing, but also help save the planet.

  1. A trench coat – timeless classic smartens any outfit. Check it is cotton and choose a colour you like.
  2. A long winter coat – In Northern Europe-a must. A good quality woollen coat (hood optional) will let you go far while staying cosy and warm.
  3. A white shirt – nothing shouts smart like a white shirt. A non see-through white shirt is a dream. Buy a size up so that you are comfortable in it – cotton is the material of choice. It can be dressed in so many ways.
  4. A suit – No explanation needed. Mine is a timeless black that I still fit into.
  5. A good pair of smart shoes – leather, black or brown.
  6. Everyday errand shoes – a colour you like– to team with everyday clothes i.e jeans.
  7. An everyday bag- a print or colour you love– functional but with space for all your essentials.
  8. Go to summer dress/trousers – light weight, colourful, and a light material. In England for those “moments” of sunshine.
  9. A good winter jumper – I bought one from H&M, on the pricier side. But, boy it has seen me through two winters and even though I have shrunk it (yes, I know); it will still see me through a couple of more times.
  10. A good quality denim shirt- a classic- No explanation needed.


What would be your timeless pieces?

Would you spend a bit more for a longer wear-time?








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